Companion promotions based on worlds?

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Sep 13, 2010
So I like how Bonnie Anne's clothes change to fit your level and likely what world you are in. I don't see as much change in the other characters though. If companions were to be promoted during these worlds, what would they look like?

  • Getting to Aquila made the crew look like they ruled the world and stuff cuz that's what Aquila is about

  • Grizzleheim... Are the buccaneers gonna level down in weaponry and get worn battle axes? Are we all going to dress like Ewoks from Star Wars?

  • In Polaris, would it be fur coats or uniforms like Napoleguin's?

  • Krokotopian clothing doesn't seem to include shirts or pants... just skirts and jewelry... good luck with that.

  • Could Ratbeard get a Kurgha Soldier beard in Rajah? That would be awesome.

  • I don't think Darkmoor will happen. Promoting companions into mutants and vampires wouldn't look that great.

P.S. How did scaring Ebeneezer Scrooge cause Ratbeard to lose a hand? I was hoping he could maybe hold a swinging mace or shield with that hand in a future promotion.

P.P.S. Would you give El Toro a less colorful costume if he gets another promotion? I'd like to stick to mainly the primary color, and secondary only for the inner cape, mask, and belt.

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Mar 30, 2011
Well Bonnie Anne's 3rd promotion takes place in Marleybone, Bonnie Anne's homeworld and her other 2 promotions, her 1st and 2nd, take place in Skull Island, a world she is affiliated to, so Bonnie Anne's promotion looks kind of match the progress.
I don't personally think that companions should be promoted based on worlds, maybe some companions, like Ratbeard was promoted to an Admiral during his 3rd promotion in Marleybone, which his promotion fit the progress. It would fit some characters, but not others. Imagine Mormo in a war outfit for a promotion in Polaris or Mormo wearing a robe and jewellery... I don't think that would really fit xd, but I do like the idea, some companions would fit this but others... not so much

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Interesting, I have never associated the where I was, with a companions new after promotion look.

I simply associated it with a promotion/upgrade to the companions status, more associated with their new "Title" than anything else.

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