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Companion Promotion Ideas

Nov 14, 2015

Had some ideas about companion promotions for when the level cap goes up. This is fairly misc., just some random ideas I had.

Monkey King: I'd like to see his helmet removed, and him decide to join our crew out of his own free will. Ability: Summon Doppelgangers. Stygian chorus style.

Animal Companions: Perhaps give the animal companions some pet abilities. I think would open up some interesting options.

Gracie Conrad: I like her first unofficial "promotion." I'd like to keep seeing that. Give her another prox. mine. Perhaps a turret clockwork...that could be pretty neat!

Grenade Sargent: Rain of Mortershells, Powder Monkey's

Cat Ninja: Walk in Darkness, Sneak Attack, Assassin's Stride

These were just off the top of my head. Feel free to post any suggestions.

Cedric Moone