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Companion drops

Sep 29, 2010
So I've been thinking. Since there are spell drops in wizard101 why not make companion drops in pirate101.

Bobby bones can drop a skeletal pirate companion

The Banditoad sergent in Sergent calvera's cave can drop a Banditoad

There would obviously be more I just can't come up with them at the moment but its still a good idea

Jan 04, 2013
I thought of something allot similar, once finishing a battle, a super huge rare chance that one of the enemies you fought saw how powerful you are and decided to join your crew.

May 21, 2009
Um, this idea is alright, but since we already have a good deal of companions that join your pirate after battle (Froggo Villa is the best example that comes to mind) and a bunch are class-exclusive, and this may mess with the game systems.

But that aside, I'd love for an epic rare chance to obtain a companion - I just don't want them to be third-string companions like the Crab Hermit or the Crazy Monquistador. I'd love for them to be quite decent, like Froggo Villa or Lt. Springer.

Petty Officer
Nov 15, 2012
i would like to have a rat companion as a special reward after you fight a boss the color of the companion drop would be Orange.

:lvl 53 musketeer:

i mean you get some crown pet's as drop off so i mean why not have a companion drop off it would be fun going back and fighting them until you get one :)