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?Companion Colors?

Jan 08, 2012
So, I have noticed, companions colors are corresponding to the colors you chose in the beginning of the game, though i chose Red and Black, on both flag and character, i get red and white on my companions, is this part of the game, or can this be fixed somehow?

Community Leader
Your companion's color scheme will match the colors you use on your Ship Flag. Are your ships flags Red and Black?

Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader
Community Leader
Your companion colors are basically from your main flag. The edge will be trimm and the main color will be just that. Much like Bonnie Anne. My main flag is black and purple Black with purple trimm So my Bonnie has black Jacket/purple trim with a purple neck scarf.. My icon for my flag is black and lt blue so Some of my gear drops will have blue in them.

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Our flags actually consist of 4 colors, not 2.

If you did not set 2 of the colors (which may not be displayed on your design), they likely defaulted to white.

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