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Combat names

Petty Officer
Jan 31, 2013
I debated on posting this, but after several battles I can not ignore this anymore. Someone, anyone, I do not care but please PLEASE, for all the Yum and gold in the world change the battle names back!!!! My brain is wired that Super is level 1, Mega is level 2, and Epic is level 3. I can not process that Epic is now level 1, Mega is level 2, and Super is level 3. It just doesn't sound or even look right to me.

To me when I attack and I see what damage I do I work out a congratulations system. I hit Super, and go "You hit Super, good job." When it's Mega, "Wow you hit Mega! Nicely done, keep up the good work." Then Epic and I go, "Whoa! Epic! Give yourself a pat on the back for you are awesome!" I still do that only I have to freeze mid praise and go "Arg! Epic is Super. Epic is super! Why? No! I am not awesome!"

This is driving me crazy! Epic is Epic! Super is Super! I can't handle this nonsense! So I am on my knees begging here. Please change this ASAP!!!