Collecting Fish before Port Regal.

Jan 17, 2012
So, Captain Dan sends me out to collect fish.

I follow the quest arrow to the first group of fish, collect it and.....

And the quest arrow points me back to the same spot I just collected fish from. So, I have to wait for it to respawn.

This is boring, and a big problem, if more than one person needs it, since both my friend and I were on the same ship. Imagine what it would be like to have three ships competing for the same fish.

Now, there may have been more than that school of fish, but the quest arrow doesn't care.

This is the same bug I complained about in Wizard101, where the quest arrow points at items that don't exist because they were already collected.

Can this be fixed?

Community Leader
If you move away from the last spawn point, the arrow will often start to point in another direction towards another spawn point. It will just point you towards whatever node is closest, since you can harvest the same one multiple times.

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