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clockwork customs crafting

Petty Officer
Mar 08, 2017
i know i said i was gonna make a video about this but i dont really have the motivation to do that so im gonna put my ideas here

so, how to craft the companion. it would take 20 springs, 400 scrap metal, 400 wood, 50 silk, and 1 brain core (which your first is given and is your class, since each core chooses what class it is) and a maxed out crafting rank, now onto the companion customization!

honestly id think gazpacchio's ghost would give us the quest and core

you can customize its face to an extent and its base gear, considering it will have the same animations and structure as the player, just a clockwork/puppet body style change, and can equip gear like the player, basically being another player but its a companion, it can also train abilities of its and other classes to itself, but will have the added bonus of getting the talents such as rough and tough from normal means, which makes for a good companion but it will have banned powers and talents, or be banned fully in pvp, balancing it out a little. you could promote it 3 times to gain new epic talents but that wouldnt change rank or appearance, the appearance for obvious reasons, the rank cause i think they should use badges as ranks.

and thats all for now, see ya in a possibly clear sky!