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Classes have lost thier identity.

Oct 26, 2012
I know this just maybe me, but I feel like classes have lost thier identity sort of. I mean a witchdoctor with an assassin strike is kinda weird, same goes to a swashbuckler with mojo storm.

I mean buccanneers and privateers have a LOT access to the unique damage tools of swashbucklers (assassin strike, back stab). This kinda takes the damage part away from swashbucklers and makes me feel less unique.

And an overload of mojostorms for musketeers, well it kinda makes them witchdoctors with guns.

And hey, swashbucklers have tonnes of healing stuff. Thats what the commanding privateers need, not frontline fighters.

Poor witchdoctors, I dont know what they get.

I admit mixing your class with other classes spells is fun, but this is just insane. I suggest you make a rule where we can only get 1 spell from each class unless we use practice points to purchaes spells from trainers.

1-We can either only get 1 type healing/ valor spells etc
2-Only 1 backstab/assassin strike
3-Only 1 type of shot
4-I dont know what they offer
5-Only 1 skull heal/juju/mojo strike/blade

Remeber we can purchase stuff from trainers as well. Its just that I completely dont like losing identity. If this is not possible I suggest future spells such as 5x Assassin Strike be only for class, if you understand what I mean.

I know some people will complain, but this is just my opinion.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I am not sure if that would work for me. I totally see your point but on some of my girls, I really need those heals and valor's to keep my crew alive, especially when I am playing alone. There are still plenty of things that each class can do that others cannot. This just helps us when we don't have a handy privateer around to keep us alive or a swashbuckler to kick some tush with glorious style. Same goes with the other class traits. I still see lots of uniqueness. I like the idea of being versed in other skills. Just remember too that we sacrifice stuff when we use those other non auction skills. That is major boosting we can't do in order to be a little more versatile. I think it is needed or our weakness will be way too damaging, unless our companions that are of another class can have some of those skills so we can access them through them.
How is that for a compromise? The class of the companion can help us get what we need.

Aug 11, 2013
I can see your point, but decreasing our rares isn't going to be good. They are called rares for a reason . Also in my case i cant seem to get many rares like that unless i use a crown box multiple times, which i don't like since i have to use it almost 5x just to get one swashbuckler rare.

LvL 65

Nov 23, 2012
XD I dont know what they offer
Lol Rofl
I think bucks offer good powers like leviathan call, whales might, and vicious charge , and are really good for defense/offense when in a pinch or at the beginning of a fight.

Jan 02, 2012
It seems to me that you are talking about KI making a change to the whole game to make PvP different. If you don't like so many gear options in PvP, just agree to your rules with your opponent before dueling him.
If your objection is really meant for PvE, just look around in the questing worlds. Most casual gamers only have one higher level pirate, and they don't typically have many slots filled with no auction gear. These rare items that confer powers usually don't drop the first time one defeats a boss. Many players will even change weapons or even their companion roster and learn new talents to suit a powerful oddball no auction item. These pirates even get subclass labels like "melee witchdoctor" or "ranged privateer". What I see is a plethora of unique pirates running around the spiral, instead of 5 cookie cutter types of pirate. Variety is the spice of life to me.