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Class Housing

Nov 28, 2009
Many pirates have been wondering when we will receive "class housing." If you don't know what I mean, it's such as a house themed to be Witchdoctor's style would be a fairly gloomy sanctum with steaming caldrons with perhaps a few floating objects and ghosts floating around, perhaps?. Swashbucklers being an elegant dwelling with a secret passage or two. As you can see, each house would have a unique feature to it associated with the class it is meant for. Of course, any player could buy any house regardless of class. If you want a Swashbuckler house and you're a Buccaneer, you can buy the Swashbuckler house if you like.

I believe having this feature available in the game would provide players with a fun new experience finding the secrets of their very own house that feels comfortable to them.

See you in the skyways...Keep Calm and Sail On!
Ryan Silver-Level 65 Witchdoctor

Oct 27, 2009
The musketeers house should include a practice range. The privateers could have a large map of Skull Island as the floor, for planning strategy. Maybe there would be one of those strategy sandboxes built in.

Community Leader
Yes please we need more houses and furniture.

Owner of Paige's Page Perilous Paige. "Honorary Black Cat of the entire Pirate 101 Fleet"
Nov 23, 2011
There are "school" houses for KingsIsle's more established game, Wizard101 (Life House, Death House, Fire House, etc.) and I expect it is on their list of "Fun Things to Make and Do" for Pirate101. I too am looking forward to it. I am hoping that, given the recent expansion to Pirate, that one or two new bundle cards may soon (hopefully!) arrive, and if so one of them may well have a new house (of the three new Wizard101 bundles, one has a nice new house).