Class combonation's

Oct 15, 2012
So i have decided what if the classes get upgrades like in wizard101 EXCEPT there side upgrades like in tf2 with the weapon side upgrades and in these you will combine your current class with another class sorry if i dont have much of a description hopefully you can understand
Maruder teacher:Calico jake(Yes that Calico jake from bonnie anne's promos i am not kidding)
corsair teacher:Havent thought of it maybe another atbeard pun like catbeard and ratbeard
Buccanner+swashbuckler=Assassasian(Sorry for the typo)
Assassian teacher:A bison teacher that's a parody of the main character of assassian's creed 3(forgot the name)
And he also states a few times the days he"Fought redcoats in the Cool ranch freedom wars" and the days his parents where killed by redcoats if you cant tell already he hates marleybone except for your marleybonian compainion's oddly enough.
Buccanner+witchdoctor=FLYIN DUTCHMAAAAAAAAAAAAAN(Pointless spongebob refrence ftw)

To be countinued.

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
I like this idea

[ btw the name is connar from the third game ]