Class Bundles?

May 09, 2009
Hi everyone!
So I know we already have class houses, but I thought that Class Bundles would still be a cool idea.Also any class would be able to equip it/redeem it.
Swashbucklers bundle-$39
Majestic Isle house
Rogues galleon ( Valencia type of boat)
Rogues gear of legends
Rogues eye-patch
Unicorn warrior companion
5000 c. or 1 month
extra house space potion

Swashbucklers Isle
A beach is around the edge of the house and then in the middle there is a mountain with trees at top that form a tree house. Swashbuckler class symbols are all around the house,along with secret training places and hide outs. You enter the house through the bottom of the mountain into a opening and as you go through it it leads you to the top.
Rogues Galleon
A large galleon that looks like a valencian ship. Not an Armada ship though.
Rogues Gear of Legends

+75 health
+10 agility
+10 damage
+ 15 dodge
+ 5 accuracy
+ gives Gambit of Steel

+100 health
+ 10 agility
+10 damage
+10 dodge
+ 5 accuracy
+ Gives Riposte Rank 1

+ 50 health
+10 agility
+ 10 dodge
+ 5 accuracy
+ 10 armor
+ 10 resistance
+Gives Grand Shadow Dance

Rogues Eye-Patch
A really old and torn eye-patch with the swashbuckler symbol on it

Unicorn Warrior Companion
Promotion Levels-8,29,53
Unicorn warrior- Unicorn gladiator Unicorn gladiator- Unicorn king Unicorn king-Unicorn warlord
Starting epic(s)- riposte
Gains at first promotion-sneak attack
epics to choose from= Alert,First strike,Jump,pirate,riposte next rank, relentless, blade storm, second chance
gains at second promo- sneak attack changes to back stab, receives critical strike
Gains at final promo-back stab changes to assassins strike, critical strike changes to next rank, receives grand shadow dance.
first promo- choose 2 epics
second promo-choose 1 epic
final promo- choose 2 epics
By level 65-16 talents
talent options- all

I hope you enjoyed this example. This is most likely my longest post!
Noble Ryan Thompson 65
Loyal Garret Jones 65
Cautious Joshua Ironside 57
Smart Todd Wright 14
Fearless William Ashburn 12?
Sneaky Blaze Dodger 1
Tell me if I did something wrong!

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Class bundles sound like an awesome idea!, from all the current bundles, there isn't really one that's best for each class... Hoodoo bundle is good for witchdoctors, admiral's bundle is good for privateers etc. But they don't really have the stats best for one class.

Petty Officer
Jul 06, 2010
The problem is, class housing is already in the game. While it's cool, I'd rather see more houses that tackle different subjects. Plus, after this last update, we all just got a special class-specific companion. Class ships would be cool though. I can only imagine the Musketeers' ship. A bunch of cannons with a sail.