Choosing companions for Epic Battles

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As my list of companions grows, I sometimes have trouble making up my mind who to take into Epic battles. One or two choices are pretty easy, but I often run out of time trying to decide between two units. I've noticed in these cases, when I run out of time, I always end up with my First Mate and randomly chosen crew just like it was a regular battle - regardless of whatever Companions I had already picked!

It would make sense to get whatever Companions I had already chosen, along with a random crewman or two to fill the undecided slot - but tossing out my choices entirely if I run out of time is just plain annoying. While I would love to see this change, could you at least add a tutorial tip stating that if you don't lock in your choices before the timer runs out then you'll get a totally random crew?

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Feb 03, 2012
I always go by the 'special changing companions trio' which is my starting companion (first mate), class companion, and presidio companion.