Characters races

Mar 13, 2012
Alright, I just want to see if its just me, but ive always thought itd be really cool to be different races in Pirate101. Like when youre creating your character and you could make yourself a crab, monkey (monqustain...i doubt i spelled that right), or shark (oh my) . I dont know, I just thought id be really cool if you could pick wiether or not you could be a human or not.

Elizabeth Hawkins

Jan 16, 2013
I agree with you that there should be different races when creating your character, but if I was doing it I wouldn't allow nonpaying members to do it because they aren't going to see mongustains. If they add races into the game I expect them to add the races in which you see when your a not payed member. Just to keep it fare so that nonpaying members are a monkey while they have no idea how this monkey thing comes into play in the game. If you get what I'm putting down ;)