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characters on Bed Rest

Mar 27, 2014
this may seem like an odd topic but think about it. in both games we are given furniture but cant interact with most of them. we should be able to sit in the chairs or sleep in the beds. i'm going to focus on the second one. by having our character sleep in the beds could be another (maybe good) way to restore health. when our characters sleep for every X minutes, where X is our character level, we restore 20% of our max hp. it'd be good cause if we need to get to sleep irl we can put our chars to bed and the next day they'd be a full health. we do it with our companions who fall in battle why not do it with our chars? yes i know we can go to the life fountain, collect red yums or use a mojo potion (and go see Mitch for companions) but by having our character sleep it could be a good excuse to work on another char or take a break for ourselves. plus we'd get to interact with more furniture.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
This is a very creative idea and I like it, but ( I'm sorry ) it's unnecessary and open to abuse by nasty minded role players.