Character Selection: Affects Pirate Outcome

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
I have a few characters with my Pirate101 account and I thought you may like to know that by choosing how your parents died and choosing who raised you affects your pirate affectively. Here are the choices:

How Your Parents Died: Who You Get: Class Your Companion is in:

Mutiny Undead Mike Buccaneer

Searching For Treasure Lucky Jack Russel Privateer

Armada Gaspard de Vole Buccaneer

Storm Milo Greytail Swashbuckler

Squid Birgus Latro Buccaneer

By choosing where you were raise also affects you greatly

Where You Were Raised: Skill: Outcome:

Skull Island Born Sneak +5% Dodgy

Grizzleheim Naturally Touch +5% Health

Marleybone Keen Eyes +5% Accuracy

Krokotopia Naturally Spooky Increase Power Effects

Mooshu Born Warrior +5% Damage

I hope this guide helps you in choosing the right pirate for you!!