Character Outfit/Hair Colors

Apr 28, 2012
Right at the start of the game, I would like to see a Color Palette (similar to the ships flag and colors) used for picking the Hair and Outfit Base and Trim colors instead of trying to cycle through the colors. This would make it much easier to start your character the way you would like to see him. If you want to limit the colors to choose from, don't put them on the Color Palette.

May 24, 2012
I didn't realize when I started my first pirate that the colors you choose for your flag also go into your (and your companions) outfit. My sloth spearman ended up wearing pink. My second pirate, after making a flag that was in more piratine?, colors, put my crew in greens and rusts. Much better. You don't need a color palette for your clothes, it's already decided.