character creation ideas!!!

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Dec 21, 2013
why do we have to be human can't we choose animals like cats, dogs, foxes, and other in game animals

why not be able to choose in game age like make a list child (we have to be for now) adult and elder (it wont effect speed) so the child are the same as now and the adult and elder get facial hair

why not be able to choose size like a bar with a thing that you move up and down so we can be skinny-fat
and choose height so we can be short-tall

add more names ... very first: el, handy, captain, and cool ... first: toro, Gracie, and Jeff ... last: loco, Mellon, Stansbury, and kimberlin

Feb 01, 2011
I'd like at least a few names added from other cultures. I think it's odd that your first crewmate is from Mooshu, and they have Asian-themed clothes and ships, but you can't have an Asian-inspired name...or Indian, Arabic, African, etc. Also a few more Spanish, French and German surnames. This isn't a major complaint, as they actually have a pretty big list of names as is, of course.

I'm not saying there needs to be a lot, but a small selection added would be nice for some variety.

Also, some shorter or spikier hair styles...

...and while this may not be the proper thread, since I'm on the topic of hair about a hair salon in Skull Island? I don't see why we couldn't pay to change at least our hair style and color, if we wish. Sometimes you just want to change up your look.

Petty Officer
Jul 26, 2011
I like the skinny fat thing. But can't think of people that would willingly make their character fat!