Chapter Progression Feature in Pirate101

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Jun 13, 2011
I'm enjoying my adventures in Pirate101, but I'm having a bit of a difficult time keeping track of which main story chapter I'm currently on in the game. Kingsisle, I'm kindly suggesting that you add in a feature that lets Pirates keep track of what Chapter they're currently in, both from inside of the game and from the game's website. Until you add that in, does anybody know what chapter I'm in so far? Thanks for letting me know and listening to me!

Interesting suggestion!

Looking at our Chapter pricing page might help you determine which chapter and book you are on.

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I could see how this might be helpful in some regard, however it might be somewhat difficult, as the game does not require one chapter be finished before you proceed to the next. (ie side quests/tasks)
I have been in Cool Ranch with chapter 1 quests remaining in my questbook.

I guess the game could always tell you the farthest you've progressed chapter wise, also might be nice to have quests marked with the chapter they are a part of...

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