Changes to the Boochbeard bundle

Jan 29, 2010
Does anyone else wish they had known KI was going to make a crowns version of the Boochbeard bundle? I tend to be a crowns player and not a subscription player, so it would have been nice to know about this [new] version at the time these bundles became available. I would have chosen the crowns bundle version, but that was not an option when the bundles first came out, and there was no heads-up that it would ever be an option. I purchased the original version (with the understanding that the bundle is available for a limited time and will be "retired forever"), so the money I set aside for that bundle is gone. I can't afford to buy a second bundle just to get the crowns that I would have gotten if I knew this version of the bundle was going to be an option in the first place. Next year I will revert to crowns play, and unlock all of the areas permanently.

Feeling a bit let down.
Stepping off my soap box now.

Jan 16, 2010
Yes I too would have purchased the bundle with the crows had the option been given from the beginning. I prefer crowns to a sub 100%