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Captain's Ship Cabin

Community Leader
When will we ever be able to enter the Captain's ship cabin? I would love to be able to go into there and decorate it and stuff! I remember J. Todd Coleman saying this was possible. but haven't seen it happen yet. A captain needs her own room on the ship imo. ARGGGGH!

Is this ever going to be possible? Thank you!

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Aug 24, 2013
i dont know the answer to that but i agree that would be awesome

May 06, 2009
Well, KI's been hinting that the next update to Pirate101 will be a big one, so it's possible that entering a Captain's Cabin on ships is being plan (Do understand, though, that they will have to make 1 for every ship, excluding Rafts, that they've made in the game this far, which takes quite a bit of time). Plus I'm sure other Ship Updates are being planned. Have a little faith, and a full storage o' Yum. KI's full of surprises.

Sep 20, 2009
I really do hope that the devs will add a Captain's Cabin to the ship, or even a below decks area. I understand that compared to a story update, it's probably not very high on the list. But, we have been politely asking since launch.