Cant enter game

Jul 21, 2011
So i have encounted a problem that is really makin me mad and makes me want to quit Pirate101 all toether.

So heres my problem. I just bought so stuff from the crown shop and then i tried to go to my house and for some reason my game wont load my house and just leaves me not being able to move. So i tried to quit the game and come back in and then when i click "Play" to enter the game all it says is "Please wait verifying character" forever and ever and ever. Ive been at this screen for about 3 hours and the fact that this has happened to me before is insane. Ive had to make 3 new characters because of this glitch and im starting to get REALLY upset.

Sounds the opposite of fun!

Have you contacted support? Click that orange question mark at the top of the screen and see if they can help get your character unstuck.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*