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Buy Your Own Plot of Land?

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
It's been a while since I've made my last post (a year and a half, I believe). Just coming back for the Moo Manchu thing and possibly gonna stay for a while for PvP, though I have to admit it's not my thing. However, I have to say the Moo Manchu tower is one of my favorite features added to this game. I've experienced some of the best battles I've ever seen in this game coming from that tower and hope they'll add more like it in the future.

El Toro~ We're NEVER coming back here again...

Pfft... any who, back to the topic at hand. Please Note: This is just my idea and suggestion to add this to the game in the future since I, and lots of others I'm sure, would love to see this implemented...

Now, I've also been playing a little bit of Wizards again and something caught my eye; a build-your-own-castle tab added to the Bazaar with different walls for sale. I got really excited and checked the Crown shop, but there was no vacant plot of land available for some reason. Then I checked Pirates and seen this hasn't even be added yet on this side of the spiral...

Even though I have to admit I dislike the idea of Wizards invading Pirate territory, and making things that should stay in Wizards being forced into the Pirate world (like that one glowing tiger mount. Looks cool for a wizard, but not exactly for pirates, if you know what I mean), but this "build your own castle" tool is an amazing addition to the game - in my opinion - and I [and anybody else who loves to build] would love to see it added in somehow.

But this feature needs something else too. It needs it's own plot of land. It doesn't really make much sense to add-in a feature like this and not sell a vacant plot of land for those who want to actually BUILD a castle, but at the same time, can't actually build a castle? Not if there's already a giant house in the middle of the property... though I do love the houses y'all made for us

Just a thought. Maybe an after-thought would be adding different terrain types? An example could be a flat, desert plain with sunny weather and huge rock formations, or an ice-covered tundra with huge glaciers/caves and the occasional snowfall and a not-so-sunny atmosphere...