bunnies and Christmas

Aug 19, 2013
Aye me fellow mateies
I have truly fallen in love with the empire AQ house. It is simply gorgeous and with so much green space it brought a tear to this old pirare's eye, ; say eyes, but me other has a patch over it. There be just one thing missing. We need the bunnies that me crew are so fond of seeing. Who wouldn't love some wild bunnies running around, aye.
Also I be wondering if we might be able to have a Christmas decorations sale. I has truly heart broken that I missed the Christmas in July sale.
hope everyone in the sky ways has a happy piratey holiday.

Aug 14, 2010
Hope you do too, essay! Happy holidays! By the way, anyone asks, I was never here. See you in the sky, Amigo!

~ Froggo Villa, Salamander Backstabber, Level 26.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
They had great decorations last December so I am sure they will do the same this year with even better stuff.

Aug 21, 2009
I've always been upset that those bunnies aren't available to us as pets.