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Bundle of Ideas

May 13, 2011
Me and my friend Evan were acting out Pirate101 and there were some things we did that would make great additions to the game:

1:New world: Krokotopia. I would love to go to Krok because that is where my character was adopted. It would be cool to get companions like krokomummys and crushers. One of the enemies you encounter in the skyway is a scarab beetle like in the wizard101 zeke quest. The scarabs are buccaneers because of their hard shells. Inspiration: I was a Nirini Crusher in our playing.

2: Companion making. The way you make companions is you have to get 2 or 3 things from bosses or card packs. You need to get a figurine, it's weapon, and (first one only) an altar of life. when you get all these things head to your home, put down the altar as a housing item, and interact with it. If you have a figurine and it's weapon, you can pay 15000 gold to make it a real companion.: Inspiration: our characters found lots of these.

3: More skyway creature companions. I think it would be great if we could get more companions that are creatures from the skyway, like Buffaloons and Hornets and stuff. On this note i also want each class to get a striped bumbaloon companion after they finish the quest that makes them collect meat from striped bumbaloons. old scratch will tell you something when you get the companion: Buccaneer/Swashbuckler: you have intimidated this creature into joining your crew oh captain my captain. Privateer/Musketeer: this creature admires you and wants to join your crew oh captain my captain. Witchdoctor: this creature has been bound to your mojo oh captain my captain. Inspiration: both of our characters had a striped bumbaloon companion and my character had a bloodbat companion.

4: Treasure chests. There should be magic treasure chests you can buy from the crown shop that increase backpack limit by 50 or 100. They should cost around 10000 crowns and you can only buy 2 for each of your characters. Inspiration: our characters found treasure chests with unlimited space in them.

well, That's all! Bye!