bundle idea!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
I'M BACK FROM VACATION!!! [ we left a day early because of the rain all day ]
today i had an idea for a bundle... I made an idea for a bundle earlier then someone else gave me an idea... It's bundle that whatever class you are, the bundle goes to you!. Confused? lets say that when you get to pick what level gear you want it has a page for classes, be careful whatever class you pick can only be used by that class!

it's kind of like spy gear, the gear looks like the gear from the move that hides them [ can't remember name ]
and the weapon is a knive and a hidden blade

Witchdoctor: a pirate like hoodie the hood part is the hat that can be taken on or off, if off you still get the stats,
weapon is, a wooden staff with a vine going around there are poisonous flowers coming out of some parts... There is a crystal ball on top.

Buccaneer: Heavy armor like rooke, a giant axe with the handle in the middle and on the other side is a hammer

Privateer: Gear that makes a privateer look like a true captain, [ captain gear, a badge, a spyglass, etc ] weapon is, a metal shield with some spikes on it spikes are on fire. And "long" sword

last but not least

Musketeer: light armor with some metal on part of the chest [ to protect from bullets ] weapon is, a little wooden box that transforms into a cannon the fires, fire cannonballs

what do you think?


Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011