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Bundle Gear upgrades suggestion

May 10, 2010
Please make a vendor in the game, that lets you promote bundle gear to the next tier.

I would say, 1000 crowns for an upgrade would be acceptable or even 500 crowns per item would be great! This would keep crowns flowing as pirates would pay to keep their gear upgraded and useful as our pirates progress, instead of making it good for basically only 5 levels.

Especially as some weapons were over-powered to start, then made normal power at 60. While other weapons were under-powered and made normal power at 60.

Still, I think this would be a great idea to keep people interested in buying more bundles as their gear would stay useful, for a price.

This could also work for ships, 2500 crowns to upgrade your ship to the next tier!

Please consider this idea KI and I hope the community voices their opinion here to let you know, many others would also think this is a great idea and like to see it implemented!

Jan 16, 2010
I would love this.

I suggested this for Wizard101 a long time ago and never understood why it was never done, and I am so happy I am not alone in this idea.

Being able to take an item I get from a gift card, or something from hoard packs, or even crown shop items such as weapons & ships too, then upgrade/downgrade them would be amazing. That way I could use the item on one character at X level and then up the tier as they level, then when that character hit max level I could trade it to an alt and put it back to whatever level my alt needed it at then up the tier again. Spend a few crowns every few levels to help gear my character exactly as I want. It would be a constant stream of revenue for KI. Without this system these items become obsolete after one character uses it one time. Instead this would allow players to utilize the item over and over again without loss of income to KI. Most people can't afford to buy multiple gift cards just to have the items in them usable on various levels.

As it stands now, if I buy a cool gift card with lots of items I want to use I end up redeeming only a fraction of them because I am afraid to accept something at the wrong level, so it just sits in my item claim unused. In fact because of this my purchases of gift cards has pretty much ended. There are cards I want to buy, but feel it is a waste of money since the use of the items is so limited.

Please implement this feature soon so I can use these items at any level I choose with just a few crowns.

Thanks for listening!