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Bug alert

Oct 23, 2012
As I play I am making a list of bugs and have started to watch the game more closely. I am going to start a new character and dig deep on everything and post to you what I find. (I am discovering more than I though I would.)

My level twenty eight character has found these:
1. Walk in shadows spell - It says it last for 3 turns, but It has only been lasting for me one or two turns only. Except for the 2nd time I used it and it seemed to last 5 or 6 turns. If is only has a chance to last for 3 turns, the spell needs to be labeled better...or is this a bug?

2. While docking at Bison Village, I can see Gold Creek in the distance and it has half of the island winking off and on.

3. In the first Raven Eyes quest, he tell you to hunt sky snakes. The audio script tells you to hunt in "Big Sky", but all text after that, dialog script, game pointers has it listed as Santa Pollo.

4. One of the Sister Snake quests (the one where you talk to her in Los Muertos) shows the rewards for completion to be 250 xp and a Sky Snake. Completed it and was very confused because I got a Sky Snake before it was completed, and didn't get the snake at completion. These quests branch and are hard to figure out what is going on. So I don't know if that was a bug or intentional. Very confusing.

5. On board battles - sometimes the spike traps are on deck and when my pet runs through them, it gets damage, but if the enemy stops or run through them, they never get damage. If this is not a bug, it is not fair.

I feel like I have missed some stuff because I can't go back and look at a quest after it is over. Also it is confusing as I can see in the text chat box the gold, experience that I just received and I have to go the the notifications list to see what has been dropped, etc. It makes it hard to keep track that way (info in two different spots). I suggest moving all of that to notifications and leaving the chat box for chat only. I know I have missed bugs to report because after a quest I can't go back and see what the reward was supposed to be. That is why I am starting a new character and tracking in detail.

I have some questions that I will post in the section for questions.