Buffs for Powers

Apr 18, 2010
Let me be the first to say that I love what Ratbeard and his crew did with the update that "fixed" buffs in general. He made PvE a little more challenging and inadvertently balanced PvP for all five classes. If you ask me, Ratbeard should get some kind of raise. But that is not why I made this.

Ratbeard's intention of making even early game powers viable later on was done well, but there are still some that don't make the cut; specifically, some Witch Doctor powers. Here are some suggestions to buff the weaker powers our spell-slinging class can do:

Hoodoo Touch:

Does -20% Critical Hit Rating (from -10%) for 15 turns (from 5 turns)

Mutineer's Grasp:

Does -30% Critical Hit Rating (from -15%) for 10 turns (from 5 turns)

Widow's Touch:

Does 3 turns of movement decrease (from 5 turns). Instead of -50% for all turns, does -100% (immobilize) for the first turn, -75% for the second turn, and -50% for the third turn.

Shadow Step:

Can now teleport allies as well as yourself. (Will let you pick a target first, then pick the spot you want them to go.)

Chain Lightning:

No longer stops completely when it kills a target. (This may be just me, but it never bounces after I defeat someone. Might be just me though )

Juju Series:

Make the radius of the spell 2 squares around our pirate (from 1 square only).
As a tradeoff, Great Juju only gives +75% main stat (from +100%)

All I got so far. Post your suggestions for under-utilized powers if you have any.