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Broadside Combat

Feb 25, 2012
First of all, i want to thank KI for their immense efforts on the phenomenal improvements to pirate101 in the last updates, and the introduction of advance pets and companions, which i think is a great mechanic. in fact, there is only one thing i distinctly dont like about p101: Naval Combat. in small doses, it is fine. but when you have a quest asking you to gather an amount of something from naval combat, or to defeat a ton of 'em. i understand it is important to the gameplay to keep nautical levels up, but after the first 8 or so fights, i just have to log off and do something else. that being said, i do love p101, and hope that the next story update is half as innovative as this one was.

Apr 28, 2012
To make the Broadside Combat less boring or to get it over faster, I recommend upgrading Ship and/or Ship Equipment. Since you don't mention specific battles or locations, I will take Cool Ranch as an example.

When I get to Cool Ranch, one of the first things I do when I have the required level is get the Bison Frigate at the Bison Village and outfit it the best I can depending on my Nautical Experience (the Bison Frigate is better than the Bison Skiff and this means I don't have to buy the Skiff unless I want to). Then, whenever I can, I fight the toughest ships that I can beat to gain more nxp (nautical experience) while questing (small doses). When I have the correct level, I buy the Bison Galleon in Tumbleweed (you can reach it by going through Big Sky) and outfit it. That's the best ship for taking on almost anything in Cool Ranch. Then I go out and gain more nxp as I go questing.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Hello Blixet!

Some of those Ship/Item Collecting Quests sure can be a bother and a bit monotonous. One thing that may help relieve the boredom or at least get you on your way a tad bit faster, is to join up with some fellow pirates and engage in some good old Nautical Farming. That way you can carry on some nice conversations with some pirates that are in the same boat (not literally) as you are and you all can take turns leading the charge...both can help pass the time and help each other reach your goals so much faster.

Having a couple of friends (new or old) can surely help pass the time and you may be able to accomplish the task or quest in half the time it may have taken going solo. Sometimes it can be tough finding people to partner up with in the Skyways, but try realm Avery and hopefully you can come across a fellow pirate or two or more, all looking to complete the same quest and also looking for some good company and conversation....and the sinking of ships, of course.