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Breath Taking Magic

Oct 26, 2012
This is meant for developers to answer. The most magical time I had in the game was in the waterfall of the valley of the gold monkey. The way we travel through bridges and stuff is absolutely beautiful. I also found it a bonus treat to be awestruck at the beauty of Eep Orkney Ah (something like that) cave. And the lava in waponi wu, truly epic!

Truly beautiful, many congratulations Kings Isle. But this is a suggestion not a Skull Island Thread. Could we see more of these magical moments in future worlds? As exciting as Aquila is, travelling a path with green beside it can seem a bit simple. A Good world Aquila is, but none of the worlds have touched me more than skull island due to its amazing beauty.

Silver Dino Hawkins

Community Leader
It just goes to show how different people, different backgrounds, different perspectives...

Not everyone sees eye to eye.

The area you are speaking of was my least favorite, couldn't wait to finish it. =P

I liked the opened up, brighter Aquila personally. =)

I am sure we will see a lot of different vistas as the KI graphics team works on future areas.

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