Bounty Island battle suggestion

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I went through the entire dungeon solo, but there's one thing that would make it a bit more of a challenge. I went through Squinty's Wrath, but all Squinty does is summon the Crab Crawlies and sends them to battle, never to aid them in the battle by joining himself into it. Transform the only normal battle at the end of the dungeon in Captian Gunn's Tomb into an Epic Battle by having Squinty as a Boss enemy added to the dungeon and have him join it after beating some of his Crab Crawlies, thereby turning the objective from "Defeat All Enemies!" into "Defeat Squinty!". He was really furious about the treasure being taken from others instead of him first, but does he have to step by? Won't that make the dungeon a bit more challenging?