Boss chests - *Moo Manchu Specifically*

Community Leader
I was wondering if 2nd chance chests over on Wizards is going to make an appearence on Pirates. Plenty of great bosses to use them on - Moo Manchu.

Also on wizzy we get gold alongside the gear from battles, but on Pirates when we open chests at the end of the battle that gives us gold or gear. Specifically talking about boss chests - why do those give gold? Should't it only give what is on their loot table? I have been farming Mr. Manchu a while now and would love to get one of his rare drops.

His battle is so easy, its the Terracotta battle before hand that is a pain sometimes. ;)

Not complaining, just asking why Moo's chest drops gold most of the time.


Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader