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Book 15 and 16 spec

Apr 10, 2009
This post is open to any and all speculation for the books supposedly to be revealed late fall or early winter. Disclaimer: I haven't made it this far in the game, I was watching a walkthrough. Personally I was shocked when M renounced our title as Royal Navy captains and instead made us spies. That was mainly due to the belief of not seeing Admiral Nelson, my favorite character in the entire game, as much. But there's another reason: our lives are put in even more danger. You see, back during the time period in which Valencia is based off(I'd say at least from rennaisance Spain and Italy to 18th century), especialy with war prisoners, spies suffered a much worse penalty than a soldier. They were hanged instead of shot, making for a slow and painful death. I would hate to see what would happen if we were both caught for the crimes against the Armada before and uncovered as spies.

In terms of speculation, I'm getting a strong vibe of who this mysterious messanger might be: the clockworks' creator himself! I don't know about the rest of you, but I believe the premature deaths of each clockwork leader may be a sign. Was that really the last of them?

Anyway, post what you think and hopefully all will be revealed this Autumn!

Nov 09, 2012
Here are my ideas:
Book 15: We go to Valencia to find Caligostro. we then do quests to weaken the Armada. Then Marleybone invades Valencia. Marleybone's fleet attacks Cadiz, giving us a chance to slip in and find Kane. The problem is that Caligostro created the Armada and is still on our side. Kane had escaped because Caligostro warned him.We fight Queen instead! We then go to Captain Steed who hired us to capture Caligostro. We then fight Caligostro and then he pins it on Avery. We return to Avery to find out that Avery designed the Armada, but not the mastermind who came up with the idea. We then return to Captain Steed, who told us Caligostro escaped. We then find out he went to Krokotopia
Book 16: We search for Caligostro in Krokotopia where the Marleybone-Valencia war is still going on. we find out that Caligostro runs a secret Armada factory in one of the pyramids. At the end, we catch Caligostro and turn him in to Captain Steed who imprisons Caligostro for betraying the Resistance.
tell me what you think of my ideas!
see you in the spiral!
Tireless Blake West: level 59
Sandy Noah Collins: level 29
Toby West: level 13

Nov 09, 2012
here are my predictions
Book 15: we go to Valencia to find Caligostro and find Kane's weakness. When we sneak into Cadiz to defeat Kane, we find out that the mechanical birds were a trap to defeat people. Kane had escaped Valencia because Caligostro warned him. We fight Queen instead!
Book 16: I don't know

Oct 15, 2012
Book 15:Avery states we should go to port regal to find a pink windstone to a valencian stormgate near port regal and check if there is one because if there is than our pirate is lucky so we go to savoy mercentile to talk to gilbert and sullivan and sullivan says this "guess what pirate i have godo news and bad news i will state the bad news first""the bad news is we had pink windstone's but we are all out""the good news is we heard there is a pink windstone mine in albion""another bad news though,we heard there is some sort of "war" going on there with some aliens from out of the spiral because of some crime in marleybone invloving burning down big ben pfft that actually sounds silly to me but if such a thing is true it's still bad news but good ne(Gilbert interupts)"THE GOOD NEWS IS YOUNG PIRATE A MARLEYBONIAN SHIP IS HEADED TOWARDS ALBION AND LUCKY FOR(sullivan interupts the song)sullivan"Shut it oh the spiral it's annoying anyways there is a marleybonian cargo ship headed for albion and lucky for you i have a white windstone to take you to albion but to be safe i would say to stowaway on the ship go in those crates we will discuise as redcoats and bring you over" so your pirates get stoedaway on the marleybonian ship but than there is a cutscene(not cinimatic cutscene)where your pirate and your crew gets waked up by the sound of a laser firing ratbeard says "WHAT WAS THAT" bonnie anne:maybe those rumors where right"than gracy says:really bonnie that was probbably just your imagination besides aliens likely dont exist than sarah replies:well explain how i heard it as well lets just check upstairs for sure. so you and your companions go upstairs the ship which than you see a very steampunk/future-like ship and non armada robots but something looking even more powerful than the armada
To be contuniued
silver joseph vane

Oct 15, 2012
Cont.The robot's headed over to the marleybonian ship they said "Surrender marleybonian's or perish"your pirate than attacks the robots and the battle begins all the robot's are musketter's or buccanneer's and private and swash's but no witchdoctor'sonce your pirate destroy's the robot's the redcoat's thank you but than diffrient things happen depending on your class
:you fight another wave of robot's and it's somewhat similar to bonnie anne's promotion and you have to escape to your ship.
:you shoot down the robot ship and escape to your ship
:mycroft bones reveals to be on the ship,you get him as a companion and you get the marleybonian ship.
:i have no idea actually...and i am a swash.
:another robot comes and destroy's the redcoat's dark ending isnt it.
so after one of those ending's you dock at st.glassgrove and ask someone where the pink windstone mine is the fox says "Pink windstone mine? never heard of it i know a friend of mine called tavish he's over in the fields just beware of the robots"
to be contuiniued.