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Boochbeard Cat companion Crown-Shop Purchase?

Dec 13, 2009
Many people have posted dis-satisfaction with all the character-locked crown-shop and Boochbeard bundle items.

I know I specifically would like if more than just my first created/claimed character had access to the cat companion.

Perhaps the Boochbeard Bundle, in the same way that it acts as a trigger for gifting us the items it contains, could also act as a crown-shop trigger (like the badges currently do), allowing us to purchase for a reasonable price, items like the cat companion, or the volcano house, or the bird pet, on other characters *on the same account*.

I for one have one character of each class right now. I have...considerable crowns available to me. I would like the cat companion on likely all of my characters. I'd happily buy it for all of them, if such an option existed. The house I'm not so worried about, but I have seen that some players are.

Whatcha think KI? Something to consider? Or is there a technical aspect that makes this impossible perhaps?

Thanks for reading!

Jul 27, 2011
The Boochbeard bundle is supposed to have exclusive items that cannot be brought any other way. I am guessing that this is true for the cat companion. It is supposed to be something special a person can have to show that they played a week early. Sort of the same as the star eye patches for those who played in beta. Not everyone can get those eye patches. Well, the same is for Boochbeard bundle. Not everyone can get those items. But this is just how I see it as. However, I do feel your frustration, because I know I would like an eye patch that heals me. However it is fair to keep it to a select group based on the work they did.

Merciful Seth Lewis

Dec 13, 2009
You very much missed the point of my post. I'm not suggesting *everyone* be able to buy the Boochbeard bundle items.

I'm suggesting people who DID buy the Boochbeard bundle, be able to buy extras of the Boochbeard items for other characters on that same account.

As in, I DID buy the bundle, and I DID get the items - but I have 5 characters (one of each class). I won't ask KI to give us more free stuff. But I will ask for the ability to buy another of the Cat companion (for example) for my other characters on the account that was set up with the Boochbeard bundle.

Your example of the eye patch is apt: I have the eye patch from playing in Beta. I can transfer that eye patch to all of my characters on my account. I CAN'T transfer the cat companion to another character - it is locked to the character I redeemed it on.

I'm not asking for it to be "unlocked" for transferring. Just asking to be able to buy, with crowns, another cat for another character, using the "locked" crown system they already have in place for companions.

Not sure if you know, but there are companions that will only even appear in the crown shop once you have done something special to unlock them, usually by achieving a special badge, or through side quests. So I am asking if buying the bundle can act like a badge, and "unlock" the ability to buy, with crowns, more of the item(s) from the bundle, that are not otherwise transferable. Ie/ Cat companion, Volcano house.