Boochbeard Bundle for annual renewal

Jan 02, 2012
Please bring the Boochbeard bundle back in time for annual renewal! If only for one day. If only for those who have kept their membership current the entire year. I would really like this awesome bundle to be available to anyone who wants to pay for a year's membership, but I really miss my Dread Pirate's outfit, and I want another Volcano House. Pretty please and a pile of crowns on top?

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Sorry, but to KingsIsle, a promise is a promise. They said that it would be permanently retired. That was the reward for supporting the game before it even started. Something extra special that was truly a one time thing. I have yet to see them go back on their word in stuff like this and I for one am proud of them for being so noble and honorable.