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Bonnie's Heal limits companion variety

Feb 10, 2011
With Bonnie's new heal, most Pirates will select her as their First Mate for PvE and she'll be considered a must-have companion in PvP matches.

Many PvP players already feel that Bonnie and El Toro are "must-haves". The question becomes not "Which comps are you using?" but more a matter of "Who is your 3rd comp?", because it is now assumed that players will enter the Brawlin' Hall with Bonnie and Toro.

What about the rest of our crew? Have the developers considered giving Second Wind to the Pirate instead of Bonnie Anne? Or do you have plans in the near future for improving any other Comps so they may be contenders in our lineup, adding more variety to dueling?

(Love the new updates, btw! )