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Bonnie Anne's and Mark Clemens

Jan 17, 2012
Most battles are one of three types:

1) Defeat all enemies -- By far the most common. So common, in fact, a lot of players no longer look at the goal of the fight.
2) Defeat the boss -- The second most common. Many players may not realize that the battle would be much easier, if they simply concentrate on the boss.
3) Activate/destroy certain objects -- We first encounter this type when draining the skull island tunnels. Often, however, this gets ignored, until they discover that the fight never ends until the objects are activated/destroyed.

This is what made the climactic fights against the Armada troops in Bonnie Anne's second promotion and the final battle with Mark Clemens so interesting to me. In one, the idea is to escape, not fight. And with Mark Clemens, it was simply a matter of hunkering down and holding on until they gave up.

Now, however, they have both been made into a "Defeat all enemies" battle, and a much easier one, to boot. I found it disappointing. Same with Mark Clemens. Your entire strategy changes when you have to survive for so many rounds than if you just have to defeat everyone.

I can understand a bit about Bonnie Anne, since the goal of the battle changed at the wrong time. It first says defeat all enemies. Okay, I have often used the strategy of spending the first two rounds buffing everyone up and waiting for the enemy to come to me. But with Bonnie Anne, doing that is DEADLY. Perhaps a better beginning is to tell the player that there are many more on their way, and to forget the fight and just escape? The battle was still difficult, as the armada tended to block the way if you gave them half a chance.

Mark Clemens...that battle is not difficult if you simply hunker into the cul de sac at the top of the battle board and just work on keeping them alive.

I recall, when I complained about Rook-ochet that Ratbeard said that it's sometimes good to have a nasty surprise. Well, I consider the nasty surprise of Rook-ochet to be far greater than the ones in Bonnie Anne (except for changing the goal in the middle) or Mark Clemens. With Rook, if you decide to make your whole team musketeer and/or witchdoctors, you might as well give up at the start, and you are given NO warning. These two pale in comparison, and now they are gone.

It seems a shame. They were a nice break from the "Defeat All Enemies" battles.