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Behold, the new gauntlet: LIZARD TOWER!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013

I would like to post my new idea for an instance. However, unlike the Tower of Moo Manchu, which was MooShu themed and was aimed at max-level pirates, this is Lizard Tower, which is Krokotopian-themed and aimed at pirates at levels 30-40. Although, anyone at or over those levels can try it.
The Commodore has sent his Marleybonian troopers to find new land for Skull Island colonization, but they never returned. So he requests you to go to the island where they were last seen (His ship provides transportation), and conquer the mysterious forces there.

Floor 1:
Crocodile Gladiator X2
HP: 1,895
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Turn the Tide x2, First Strike, Relentless

Floor 2:
Crocodile Gladiator
Crocodile Pikeman
HP: 1,890
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Riposte, Relentless x2, Vengeance Strike x2

Floor 3:
Lt. Kur'bihn (Crocodile Lt.)
HP: 2,075
Class: Privateer
Epics: Relentless x2, Elusive, Vengeance Strike x3
Cheat: Will cast "Valor's Rampart" on minions out of turn.
Crocodile Gladiator x2

Floor 4:
Mumder x2
HP: 1,805
Class: Witchdoctor
Epics: Mojo Echo, Coward's Bane x2, Mojo Reaver

Floor 7:
Crocodile Gladiator
Cobra Hunter
HP: 2,035
Class: Musketeer
Epics: Return Fire x2

Floor 8:
Crocodile Gladiator x2
Cobra Hunter

Floor 9:
Cobra Master
HP: 2,170
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Relentless x3, Vengeance Strike, Cobra Command (summons more Cobra Hunters, Power)
Cheat: Cobra Master constantly uses "Cobra Command" to summon more Cobra Hunters until he is defeated.

Floor 10:
Si'buna the Terrible
HP: 2,101
Class: Privateer
Epics: Charming Gaze, Vengeance Strike x3, Blade Storm x3
Cheats: If one of his minions gets at low health, he says "SERVE YOUR TERRIBLE MASTER!" and sacrifices the minion. He then replaces it with another one, at full health.
If a unit performs a ranged attack on him, he performs Charming Gaze from afar.
Cobra Hunter x3

Finally, you rescue the lost troops from Si'buna the nefarious crocodile, and you return to the Commodore. Here's your prize!!!

Rik'gu the Great
Level () Crocodile Gladiator
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Riposte, Vengeance Strike

So, I bet the Lizard Tower would be a great idea. I'll post even more ideas like it!

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