battle system

Jul 16, 2009
Hey everyone
i am sure many of you will agree with me on this one.
in battle you have a bar of skills at the bottom of your page
sometimes when i need heal it isn't there at the moment in time
or any other skill and talents
i think you should be able to scroll through all of them
to see all of your skills anytime in a battle


Fearless Chelsea level 25

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The power tray at the bottom is sort of like a hand of cards, you're only dealt so many at a time. You can discard a power you don't need by right-clicking on it - but once you discard one it's gone for the rest of the fight.

You can go into your My Powers panel (hotkey P) and drag & drop your Power icons to arrange them in your order of preference. Powers closest to the top of the list are most likely to come up first during battles.

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