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Battle animations bugged

Dec 17, 2012
I wasnt sure if anybody has noticed or reported a flaw with the animations from some of the big choppy weapons. I like playing with different weapons and watching the different animations each weapon brings during powers abilities. I would just like to point out a flaw in the animations when using Oni War sword, Friar Sands weapon and Metal guardian Sword. The two skills that seem to not flow correctly would be brutal charge and dance of steel. During brutal charge the player appears to throw his weapon in the air but the weapon never leaves his hand it just skips to the pirate flipping in the air and comming down to strike the oponent. The new metal Guardian sword does that glitch with Brutal Charge but also another flaw with dance of steel. He appears to stab his weapon into the ground and while holding onto it doing a matrix style run kicking everything around him however when the player goes vertical so does the sword. This isnt a big deal and i can live with it but just figured I'd point it out incase the developing team didnt know about it.