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Awesome Epic Idea Talents

Dec 31, 2011
I have some kool Epic idea moves for out characters.

Swashbuckler: Epic move Back Strike
Ability: When you hit your enemy on there back it gives your character 7% extra damage.
Looks: Has a practice doll and a knife behind it.
Animation: You stand up straight and stab your foe on the back.
Note: Back Strike does not work when using a special move.

Musketeer: Epic Move Longshot
Ability: When far away from your foe you get 35 extra accuracy.
Looks: Practice doll with a sniper symbol on it.
Animation: When far enough away from you foe, you start concentrating and a sniper symbol will then hover over your selected enemy and you shoot a devastating blow. (While making a kool sound like Bonnies musket)

Buccaneer: Epic move Withstand
Ability: When your enemy attacks you with a critical strike, you withstand 4% of the damage.
Looks: Has a armor picture with a cutlass swinging by it.
Animation: When you get hit by a critical strike you don't flinch as much, and don't make a painfull sound. More like 'argh' sound.

Privateer: Epic Move Commanders Spirit
Ability: Friends 4 squares or less away from you get 2% extra attack, agility, defense, and accuracy.
Looks: Has a pirate picture with friends around it.
Animation: Every time friends get close enough to you, they get that level up glow thingy. (lol )

Witchdoctor: Epic move Deaths Shadow
Ability: Instead of dodging, the attacks go right through you and makes your enemy's accuracy, and strength go down.
Looks: A picture of a witchdoctor that's a shadow.
Animation: When you dodge you turn into a shadow for the time they are attacking and says 'Missed?'
Note: Only works three times for each enemy.

Tell me what you think. If something is overpowered pls point it out. Thank you.

Paul, Level 60