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Dec 24, 2008
LIKE Wizard 101, all the worlds in the game NEEDS THIS! I get SO BORED just STANDING AROUND and I want to fight some of my friends to see how strong they are because of course I'm a level 19 and all guys who got membership/crowns to play more of COURSE want to fight other guys! I'm one of those kind of people. I suggest, like you put an ARENA in Wizard 101's Unicorn Way, you should probably put like an Arena or something in Avery's Court, or the docks, or somewhere! I so badly want to duel on Pirate101! Please post to this thread and thank you for reading this random coming-to-me post by...well...ME OF COURSE! If you want to see me in game, I'm either a Male Level something named Honest Abe or Male who right now at the minute is my level 19 and his name is Silent Blaze Warren (I'll mostly be on Silent Blaze Warren) PLEASE RESPOND!

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They will eventually implement PVP.
I dont recommend it be rushed. There are already far too many complaints about Wizard101's pvp. I would help KI puts a lot of time and thought into Pirate101 PVP, and take steps to avoid the same problems. Frankly I think the best option would be to have PVP 100% separate from the main game, as if PVP starts to change how the regular game works, they will lose us customers that abore PVP. Last thing I want to see personally is PVP arenas placed thoughout the regular game.

The primary reason I play Pirate101 now is because PVP ruined playing Wizard101 for me.

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Feb 27, 2009
PVP is now in Test Realm and apparently no different world arena's or spectator stands .