Area Pricing Concern Anyone?

May 06, 2009
So I was just looking through the prices for some of the Chapters and it seemed like every Chapter increased in price by like 300 or a 1000. What concerns me is , after seeing Moo Shu cost 2999c and that's just half the game, are we going to see area prices hiting around 4999c+ when we get to Grizzlehiem, Krokotopia, Darkmoor, Polaris and El Dorado, worlds near the end of the game, plus the Valencia and Monquista expansions that'll pop up? That's the cost of one $10 card where as on Wizard101 you can at least get 2 areas, even in Azteca, Grizzlehiem, and Wintertusk, and still have some Crowns to spare. I mean they haven't even hit 2500c per area yet.
Now I know all the people here are pretty much subscribers and members and you might thinking 'Why should I care? I don't have to pay crowns per area. I get sub! Duh!' but I'm more of Crown user at heart and after my sub ends I plan to return to Crowns over time with this game. I've already done the math and it would take at least 67,000 Crowns to buy every area at once. But I mean when I think about it, and I can't believe I'm saying this, when Marleybone and Aquila are released they'll probably be like 2999-3,499c and it does seem steep compared to where Wizard101 is.
I can understand this is a company. I can understand this is a completely different game to Wizard101. I can even understand this is someone's pay check I'm talking about, and we all gotta put bread on the table, but anyone else feeling a little relunctant to spend $10-20 and get a small about of areas, e.i. one zone?
If things are going to stick at 2999c per zone, then I'm fine with that. But, ...uh...I might be sighing a little more if I see anything more lol. I might get better thoughts on this if I see how far along I get in the story depending on the areas I buy, how long they are, and how big the world is. For all I know all these worlds could only have 1 or 2 Skyways. LOL that would be funny for Polaris, the world that tried to take over the Spiral. Time'll tell I guess.