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Are some Weapons Classed incorrectly?

May 10, 2010
The Level 25 Precision Blades, should be, imo, a level 25 Slashy/Stabby Weapon! There are a few others, that I would have to check and verify, but these for sure look like they are marked incorrectly. Can you please double check this and confirm?

I will double check all the weapons I can and post more on here and others may do so also. We want to make sure all weapons are classed correctly.


They are set to Stabby, and that is As Intended.

Keep in mind that we have a limited number of animation sets. There's no point looking at the animations and trying to decide from that what category the weapon should be.

In most cases the weapons are set based on what they look like (not how they animate) but in some rare cases-- especially with dual weapon sets-- they are set based on what kind of weapon is needed, at that level, in that zone, to provide the most coverage possible for the most players.