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Aquila Puppet Show touch-up

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
In the Puppet Show's great feast scene with Parisss the Firebrand, Emperor Tybirdius & the crowd behind them, right at the moment the Ophidians stole the Golden Egg from the temple, Parisss left quickly, revealing their betrayal in front of them, the crowd was shocked, & before the crowd was shocked & the Emperor was briefly sad before he became angry & sent his mightiest warriors to attack Troy in Illios in their ships, there's no crowd gasping sound effect from the crowd.

These kind of events like that happened right at the moment the crowd always gasps in shock, and these kind of moments always make me laugh.

Nevertheless, I kindly request that the shocked crowd should be having the crowd gasping sound effect added right in the scene's moment after Parisss left & before the Emperor went angry.

Just a little touch-up I thought you would hear about. Hope you can add that in soon.