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April Fool's Day Fool Surprise Gift Suggestion

Gunner's Mate
Oct 12, 2010
OK, so I was thinking of some April Fool's Day Crown Shop items. I think you should make a new April Fool's mount like the last two times, and return the other two mounts like last April as well, but I also have some ideas for weapons! I think, you should make a new musket called the Handgun, and get all of the violence-loving people jumping, and then when you reveal what it looks like, it'll actually be the pirate's hand as a gun! I think it should do decent damage, like around the Nefarious Novablaster's weapon power! It's should also come with an ability called hit or something like that, that'll let you move to any spot you want, and hit them!
I was also thinking of something that Buccaneers, Swashbucklers and Privateers could use, something called the Balloon Sword! It should be basically range around the Handgun's damage and basic overalls except be for those listed classes.
For Witchdoctors (I wouldn't forget about them) should get something called the stick! It'd be an everyday average stick like one found outside. Once again, it should probably average around the other weapons. It should come with a move called Ingrain that let's you heal overtime!
I personally think that these are good ideas, not just because I created them. I would like to see these ideas in the game!

Strong Andy Armstrong, Level 65 Privateer
Slick Luke Noble, Level 65 Musketeer