Another Idea for Arch 2!

Aug 15, 2012
I posted before, saying that Napopolianquin (Idk how to spell) owes us and we should go to Polaris and Darkmoor. I would also add some ideas, and make new ones for arch 2!

First world: Darkmoor
We go to Napopolianquin, looking for what he owes us after breaking him out of Fort Elena (or whatever it was). We expect him to help us get to Polaris to find the next piece of the map. While we are greeting him, we meet Avery. He tells us that we need to get to Cool Ranch, and that the Bisons send a helping signal. The Duck of Death is back. He haunts the skyways once more, with his darkmoor crew by his side. As we go try to defeat him once again, we see he has another piece of the map. He sees that we want it, and flees back to Darkmoor. He though let the gate wide open, with us the accessibility of going through without any wind stone. As we travel through darkmoor, we set on an island to find some help. We lost track of The Duck of Death, and we need someone to help. As we travel through the island, we meet someone who knew our parents and knows Vadima, who is the Witchdoctor teacher. This person sends us on a quest to get the wind stone. (Btw in the time we don't have the wind stone, we enter through the wind gate thing as it is open.) There is a rumor in darkmoor that the Duck of Death has a layer. No one knows where it is. Many believe it is where he first became "The Duck of Death", traveling through Darkmoor for the first time. As we search there, we are interrupted by a traveler. He knows how to find The Duck of Death, known as English Bill. He will not though tell us until we pay him with a journey. We do many tasks, and later gives him what he wants. We find out he is a sorcerer, and he is friends with English Bill. All of the things we retrieved for him were part of a great weapon he was unleashing. We defeat him, and finally learn where English Bill is. We travel to his layer, and finally defeat him. We retrieve the Piece of the map, and head back to Napopolianquin and head to Polaris. We recruit Napopolianquin (Maybe privateer or buccaneer or even maybe a swashbuckler) and he leads us to the wind stone in the monquistain mountains.

Second world: Polaris

We go to Polaris searching for the map. We first head to a tavern and meet up with a guy who said he would help us. We don't know where to start, so we head to everyone Napopolianquin knows. One of the guys knows almost everyone in the Polaris skyways. We travel to someone who knows a lot about Marco Pollo, seeing if he could help us find the map. He sends us on a quest to snowy mountains to find an area Marco Pollo loved to explore. We meet a guy who knows who has the map. A guy named Atatundrain . We finally find Atatundrain in a Polaris fort. He leads us to where the map is, but then betrays us. He imprisons us. As we are in prison, we meet a guy who offers to bust us out. We defeat the military leader, take the piece, and he leads us to the next world where we find mysterious places.

Dec 06, 2012
Jan 17, 2012
Major problem with the scenario:

Napolequin thinks it was his own plan that got himself out. He does not believe he owes you a thing.

Feb 11, 2010
Max DeGroot on Jun 30, 2017 wrote:
Major problem with the scenario:

Napolequin thinks it was his own plan that got himself out. He does not believe he owes you a thing.
True, but he does say to us once we go back to Gortez:

"Captain, a word: I owe you my freedom. Napoleguin does not forget - if ever I can do you a favor, say the word and it is done."

A storyline involving us going to Napoleguin for help, whatever that will be, is very possible.

Jan 23, 2011
Where would the Duck of Death and the other Penguin get the map pieces? Did they get one from Erika the Red and the other from our Mother? I think it would be a lot more appealing if we actually meet Erika the Red somewhere in the next arc and when we find out Mother's piece we would learn a little but about her and our father. I do like the idea of going to Darkmoor and Polaris, but maybe instead of getting a map piece in both worlds, Napoleguin would tell us that Erika is in Darkmoor and needs our help, and we have to help him with his Military leaders that have been captured by various Polarian Villians and once we finish helping him he sends us to Darkmoor after Erika.