Animal Companions

Mar 19, 2011
I know they don't currently have promotions, but I kind of wish they did. I currently have my Batcuda.. I'd love to see him promote:

Batcuda > Batcuda Hunter > Batcuda Warrior
Batcuda > Feral Batcuda > Primal Batcuda
Batcuda > Batcuda Pack Beta > Batcuda Pack Alpha

or something like that.

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Welcome to the Message Boards g33kcub! I also would like to see the Batacuda get a promotion, I love animal companions but they aren't always the best companions to have in places like Aquila.

Batacuda > lv68 > Warcuda idk xd yours are great though! :3

Mar 24, 2013
These companions may not be the best when comes to quest combats,but these creature companions do need some attention. Promotion is a great ideia,but how will it works is as mysterious and the same time as exciting. The creature companion mostly mentioned is the batacuda, based what i read in the message board.
Here is some creature companions that need a promotion or two, in my opinon scorpion,sky snake, nekkita and mad claw.

1. Batacuda--> Mega Batacuda --> Batacuda Overlord

2. Sky snake--> Sky Snake Trapper --> Sky Snake Avenger

3.Nekkita ( Skeert )--> Skeert fighter--> Alpha Skeert

4.Mad Claw ( Blood Bat Overlord )--> Blood Bat Legend

5.Scorpion--> Scorpion Solider--> Mega scorpion

A promotion or two of any of these creature mentioned above,in my opinon would be a great idea.

Apr 26, 2009
Sky Snake > Slippery Sky Snake

also technically all the companions are animals so

Nurse Quinn > Dr. Quinn