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an idea for class weapon's new from of pvp

Mar 26, 2013
I have an idea class weapons based off of legendary weapon mention through out history.
Excalibur one of to sword’s he had King Arthur(would be a privateer weapon).
The sword Joan of Arc(would be a swashbuckler weapon do to the fact she is from France which they are of the country that uses a fencing type sword now days ).
The first katana(samurai sword) that was made I think its name is Masamune (would be a buccaneer weapon. which masamune is the name of a man so why not immortalize one of the great sword maker of japan).
The rifle that Annie Oakley used(would be a musketeer weapon).
Merlin’s staff(would be a witch Doctors weapon).
And have it where the weapons them self also can level up so they can get stronger
but don’t have there levels cap out at the player characters level have it where it can only get to level twenty
I know it sounds low but have it where it gets a bonus of five percent and a bonus from your level as well as a bonus from your strength as well as another five percent bonus from its own level(just an idea since it is up to the maker's whether to use the idea’s or not to use them).

you know how there is a player vs player why not build on that and have a player ship vs player ship
(again it is entirely up to the good folks of kingsisle whether or not to use the above idea's)

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Jul 06, 2013
Before we can get PVP rewards they got to stop the cheaters