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An Idea for a New Epic

Jun 09, 2012
I have an idea for a new epic talent inspired by the defeat animations for Bulldogs and Ophidian Archers. The talent could be called Last Laugh; when a character with the talent loses all health, they would do an attack before offically being defeated. Feel free comment on what you think of this idea!

May 22, 2011
Ok, this is a great Idea, but... That just... It should be called Final Stand, and be for Buccaneers.
Along with this, everyone else should get a new epic.
Gunslinger- Has a change to shoot another target with a successful hit.
Blade Toss- Throws a dagger at an enemy that moves to a new spot
Regeneration- A heal has a change to heal for twice as much
Grim State- Has a change to lower the targets Strength, Agility, or Will (Depending on what they use) When they attack the Caster

Good Idea, eh? Tell me what you think. One-Eye Jack, I need you to see this as well!

-The General

Dec 23, 2013
Oh wow I love all those ideas, if I may say my own.

Blow them away!- when the Is near death he will launch a giant bomb at the opponent deal some damage, and sending them like 2 squares away.

Spartan chain- when hit with a de buff the Will swing all around the foe giving them a weak poison affect.

One last stand- when hit with the final blow, the Will gain three burst fire, but accuracy is reduced by half, and will attack with burst fire three times,

Happy to serve thy- when he does a regeneration affect will happen for one turn

True despair- when facing a class besides its own, meaning it's class is not in battle, he will start summing undead half of their lvl, or maybe more, nut sure on that.